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Autumn & Winter Safety Period

As we move on through the year and the nights start to draw in, it is wise to consider how you prepare for this, especially with fire safety and security in mind. Statistics have proven that during colder weather and with darker nights, and events such as Halloween and Bonfire Night, accidents have occured that could otherwise have been prevented.

Many households will be turning on their heating for the first time after several months,so time to ensure that your boiler is safe by getting it serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Poorly maintained gas boilers represent an extreme fire risk, but even more importantly there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide has no smell and cannot be seen, it is tragically a silent killer which seeps into your home, creates symptoms which can easily be confused with a winter cold.

Any home with a solid fuel burner of any sorts should have a carbon monoxide detector installed. Infact all homes should consider installing one as matter of simple safety. Anyone with an open fire should make sure that they use a fire guard and that they have had their chimney cleaned. Also ensure that all fires are fully extinguished before you go to bed.

Unfortunately the essential services see an escalation at this time of year in calls to incidents in the home caused by candles, heaters, fireplaces and electric blankets.

Open flames pose a particular hazard, and candles should under no circumstances be left unattended and should always be put out before you go to sleep. If you have no other option, they should always by fixed firmly and securely stood upright. Never stand them on or near a flammable surface and must always be properly extinguished before they burn down to the holder. It is very important to keep candles away from children, curtains, pets, or anything that could potentially knock them over.

Having a routine of checking all detection devices in your home is a wise thing. Make sure they all have new batteries and are ready to do why they were designed and made, to keep you safe!

SD Fire Alarms have a huge range of detectors and various other fire safety related items, available here online for next day delivery.

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