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Fireclass FC440SB Addressable Sounder Base

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Designed for use with one of the addressable panel from the Fireclass range. An analogue addressable sounder base.

The base incorporates a fire alarm sounder that carries its own address so it can be monitored and controlled from the fire alarm control panel, which is independent of the detector fitted to the base.

Both power and communications for the sounder and detector are provided by the digital loop. This helps to reduce installation costs as no additional wiring is required.

Key Features

  • A compact and discrete solution
  • One point of installation for detector, sounder and visual indicator with no additional wiring
  • Reflective Sound Monitoring (RSM)
  • Light is electronically monitored by the control panel
  • Self-test
  • Independent addressable control of the sounder and beacon
  • Built-in line isolator
  • Select the tone, volume and flash rate using panel configuration software
  • 15 selectable tones. Allows users to select the tone with which they are most familiar
  • Realistic Conventional Bell Tone
  • 4 selectable volumes
  • 2 selectable flash rates
  • Different tones can be used for fire alarm and class change
  • VIDs and sounders are synchronised over the entire loop
  • A locking pin supplied with the base which prevents the unauthorized removal of the detector