Carbon Monoxide & Gas Detection

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer.  Due to it being odourless, tasteless & colourless, it makes it very difficult to detect even when it has reached lethal volumes. It is caused by incomplete burning of fossil fuels, such as would be used in a solid fuel burner, open hearth fire, or even a solid fuel AGA cooker or similar device. The best way to protect yourself is by installing a carbon monoxide detector & alarm.

SD Fire Alarms offer a wide range of detection alarms from some of the UK's leading manufacturers, all Kite Marked and compliant with BS EN 50291. These are suitable for home, and certain models specifically asscociated with commercial use. They can be mains powered with battery back up, or some models are battery only. They each can have features, such as digital displays, interconnect, and relay outputs, so they can be used with other devices or be part of a larger system.

Whether you require alarms for your home, business or tenanted property you can be sure to find the right CO Detector.

We also have a range of detectors for natural gas and LPG.

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