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Lockguards are designed to give your existing locks that extra security boost! A Kickstop LockGuard is used to reinforce and strengthen a wooden door around a traditional UK lever, euro profile or oval profile cylinder mortice lock. When fitting a mortice lock of any type, it is necessary to chisel out part of the door to accept the lock case. Whilst the body of the lock case will return some of the strength to that part of the door, the overall fabric of the wooden door immediately around the lock area will have been weakened by the process of fitting the lock. LockGuards are used to provide reinforcement around the lock and strengthen the door again, making it far more difficult to attack the door around the lock or take advantage of any weak point that may exist there. They are straightforward to install, and are available with a range of faceplates to suit the profile of the lock or cylinder lock you have in the door.

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