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Euro Cylinder

Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro cylinders, commonly referred to as 'euro locks' or 'euro barrels' are a particular profile of locking cylinder that is used in conjunction with an appropriate euro-profile mortice locks or multipoint door locks, and have become the norm now for most doors in the UK, especially with the influx of uPVC and Composite doors on the market now using multipoint locks for added security, which are predominantly all operated using euro cylinders.

Euro profile cylinders come in different configurations, you can have key-operation on both sides, as well as key operation on one side with a handy thumb-turn on the inside for quick and convenient keyless operation. They also are available as 'half' or 'single' cylinders, which are designed to only be operated on one side, typically by a key but we can also make them with a thumbturn if desired.


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