Pyronix Enforcer Kit Home Intruder Alarm System ENF/KIT1-UK Inc Sounder Cover & Backplate

Pyronix Enforcer Kit Home Intruder Alarm System ENF/KIT1-UK Inc Sounder Cover & Backplate




Kollektionen: Home Security - Doorbell Camera, Interactive Wireless System, Intruder Alarms

Produktart: Intruder Alarm Kit

Verkäufer: Pyronix

Tags: intruder alarm, kit, pyronix, system



Complete wireless home intruder alarm system from leading manufacturer Pyronix. This version of the kit is supplied with a complete bellbox/siren.

Quick-to-fit, attractive and easy to use. Pyronix wireless products are technologically advanced for maximum effectiveness.

Featuring a host of proprietary and patented technologies, the extensive and attractive Pyronix range of wireless intruder alarm products includes all the security system components that installers need for both small or large-scale projects.

Kit includes

  • 1 x Pyronix Enforcer V10 all in one two-way wireless panel with DIGI-WIFI communicator
  • 2 x KX12DQ-WE detector IR-way radio
  • 1 x MC1MINI-WE magnetic contact
  • 2 x FOB-WE radio remote control
  • 1 x DELTA/MOD-WE
  • 1 x Backplate and cover
  • 1 x Communications card (for the App)


Complete secure control from anywhere in the world

  • The HomeControl+ App and PyronixCloud communications are encrypted to the highest standard, so the user can securely set and unset the system, get system status and receive custom push notifications from any event from anywhere.

No on-site IT configuration

  • The Enforcer V10 is connected through a cloud server, so there is no need to set up static IP addresses or configure the network connection on site, instead you simply set up an account on

No Wires

  • As the system is fully wireless there is no need to run wiring by lifting floorboards or moving furniture, saving you time and money.

One push to learn

  • A feature in all Enforcer wireless devices that means learning devices onto the system can be done in seconds. Simple one button learning feature for easy installation.


Pyronix Enforcer V10 Wireless Panel


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