Hoyles K1000 Plastic Keyguard Emergency Access Key Box




Kollektionen: Key Boxes, Security Boxes, Door Furniture

Produktart: Key Box

Verkäufer: Hoyles

Tags: emergency, keybox



Keyguard is a unique plastic emergency key box into which a clear non hazardous plastic window is fitted. Designed to retain a key or access control card the Keyguard is a modern and safe alternative to the traditional break glass key box. A recess enables quick removal of the plastic window in an emergency to retrieve the key. The window is designed in such a way that it cannot be refitted after removal.


  • Stores both keys and cards
  • Snatch off plastic windows
  • Plastic window makes the keyguard the ideal choice for food preparation areas, schools and swimming pools
  • No shards of glass or sharp edges that could cause injury
  • Widely used by fire exit doors, in computer rooms, for master key storage and other situations where a key or card needs to be kept safe and secure

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