NORSEAL Electrical box insert (FF130) 35mm




Produktart: Electrical Box

Verkäufer: SD Fire Alarms

Tags: Electrical box insert, EXB35/Single, Norseal



NORSEAL Electrical box insert (FF130) 35mm.

Internal walls create the required barriers to air leakage, fire and acoustic transmission. However, once a hole is made in the wall for a recessed switch or socket box, the ability of the wall to protect against air leakage, fire and acoustic transmission is significantly reduced.

To combat this TENMAT has developed the Fire and Acoustic Rated FIREFLY 130 Socket Box Inserts. The FF130 Socket Box Inserts have been developed to improve air tightness and maintain fire and acoustic protection for penetrations created by the introduction of both single and double recessed socket boxes. The fire resistant mineral fibre Socket Box Insert limits the passage of fire and smoke through the wall.

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