Visonic Powermax Wireless Intruder Alarm Panels Replacement Batteries




Kollektionen: Intruder Alarm System Batteries

Produktart: Battery

Verkäufer: Visonic

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A wide range of batteries as replacements for the Visonic Powermax and Complete intruder alarms panels, as well as batteries for PIR's, remote controls, keyfobs and contacts. These batteries are for various models of Powermax panels and peripheral devices.

Low battery warnings will appear periodically on wireless intruder alarms systems and is generally indicated by a yellow warning triangle appearing on the panel display (varies according to system)and depending upon the configuration will often be accompanied by a trouble beep. This may not indicate that there is a problem with the main panel backup battery as these are generally rechargeable and should last for years.

To ensure you are replacing only the necessary batteries, first interrogate the control panel by pressing the OK button repeatedly. Any current system troubles will be displayed in turn.


GP130AAM4YMX - Suitable for Powermax Express, Powermaster10 and MCX-610

  • Visonic PN 99-301712
  • Ni-MH 4.8v 1300mAh

GP220AAH8YMX - Extra standby battery for Powermax Plus

  • Ni-MH 9.6v 2200mah
  • Visonic PN 0-9912-L

GP180AAH8BMX - Extra standby battery for Powermax Plus

  • Ni-MH 9.6v 1800mah
  • Visonic PN 0-9912-G

GP130AAM6BMX - Panel battery for Visonic Complete

  • Ni-MH 7.2v 1300mah
  • Visonic PN 103-301179


Guide to replacing batteries and general servicing of the Visonic range of PowerMax intruder alarms.

Visonic Guide

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