Armeg WWB32.0T 32mm Standard Wood Beaver Drill Bit




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Tipo de producto: Drill bit

Vendedor: Armeg

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Armeg WWB32.0T 32mm Standard Wood Beaver Drill Bit

The smoothest and fastest wood drill bits available. To be used in hardwoods, softwoods, veneered chipboard, plywood and chipboard. Armeg Wood Beaver drill bits are ideal for producing cable/pipe passages through timber ect. All Wood Beaver designs are precisely back-tapered along the length of the flute. The design is invisible to the naked eye, but creates a jam-free, smooth action when removing drill bits from hole drilled in wood. Tech tip: when being used in a cordless drill, the larger wood beavers should be used on the slowest speed. The slowest speed gives the higher torque required. Using on higher speeds only provides a low torque which could stall the machine out.

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