CSA-FGV/R Wireless Flame And Smoke Detector With Voice Alarm




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The SD Evolution Combined Flame & Smoke Detector, part no CSA-FGV/R is a wirefree product designed to detect a 25 mm (1 inch) flame at a distance of 6 metres (7 yards) within 1 second and cigarette smoke and provides voice messages in any language to warn of illicit tobacco smoking i.e. in bathrooms, hospitals, schools and other businesses. Available as a standard, battery operated unit with wireless communication to other SD Evolution products messages in any language, can be easily programmed to the integrated SD card by using a windows PC, giving complete flexibility.

Wireless flame and smoke detectors are quick and simple to install and a very efficient deterrent for illegal smoking. They do not require wiring to allow them to communicate, instead using radio frequencies to transmit detector information.

Battery powered with 4 normal AA sized cells, they can be sited virtually anywhere as required, however mains power via a 6V DC power supply is recommended for high traffic areas.

Using a hand-held remote CSA-IR2 (not included) you have the ability to select any voice recording to be played and can even program time delays between messages to ensure they are broadcast at the correct time for maximum impact. Voice files can be pre-programmed to play sequentially or individually.

Using a Windows PC, you can remove and upload new audio files to the removable SD card. The Windows file structure allows simple 'drag & drop' file copying making the addition of new files a quick and easy task.


  • Powered by 4 x AA alkaline batteries, with PSU unit as an option
  • Programmable with up to 100 messages
  • Remote control via CSA-IR2 hand-held controller (not included)
  • Proven sensing technology for the presence of tobacco smoke



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