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Fike Sita ASD Multipoint Detector

por Fike
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Specifiers and installers who choose the Multipoint detector do so secure in the knowledge that the fire detection performance of the detector can be matched to the environment in which it is installed - and changed at any time during the lifetime of the installation.

With the Duonet or Quadnet200 plus System, a high technology approach has been adopted with a microcomputer in each detector implementing a large degree of distributed intelligence. The systems could support up to 200 Multipoint combined detector/sounders on a single loop, however the actual number needs to be calculated when accompanied by other device on the same loop. Each one not only provides detection but also the option of a built in sounder. Integrity of the system is maintained by way of a built-in isolator in each device. The systems intelligence has been harnessed in such a way that equipment used is very easy to install, commission and maintain.

The system has been designed to high specification and quality standards and is intended to fully comply with the new EN54 -2 and EN54 - 4 standards and EU directives

Requires mounting base 905-0001, sold separately


  • Fast short circuit isolator in every device.
  • 15 combinations of smoke & heat detection modes.
  • Multi stage alarms - pre alarm feature.
  • 7 sound patterns - plus off, 3 different volume settings.
  • Auxiliary digital inputs and outputs are available at any Addressable Multipoint device.
  • Automatic continuous self calibration.
  • Addressable Multipoint detector is monitored for all failures of sensor chamber - warning is indicated when a smoke detector head requires servicing.
  • Maintenance is made easy with the unique disposable optical chamber designed as a cost effective solution to cleaning and re-calibration. All modes are compliant with European detector type specifications and are suitable for use in installations compliant with BS5839: Part 1: 2002


  • CE Approved
  • Complies to EN54 Parts 2 & 4
  • Operating voltage: 24 to 42 Vdc
  • Operating temperature: -10 degrees c to +50 degrees C
  • Sound level, high range: 85dB
  • 3 smoke modes:
  • Highly thermally enhanced optical detector. Used where ionization detectors are normally fitted, especially where there are high ceilings or a risk of free burning fires.
  • Thermally enhanced optical. General purpose smoke detector, to be used where optical detectors are normally fitted, where there is a risk of a smouldering fire and for escape routes.
  • Thermally enhanced optical with smoke pulse rejection. Used where optical detectors are normally used in positions exposed to brief concentrations of water vapour or smoke e.g from a bathroom, kettle, etc.
  • 3 heat modes: low temp, high temp and ROR
  • 7 sounder level settings