Pyronix KX10DP Wired Pet PIR Motion Detector 10m Range




Colecciones: Intruder PIR & Sensors

Tipo de producto: Intruder PIR

Vendedor: Pyronix, KX10DP, Motion Detector

Palabras claves: intruder PIR



Dual Technology Detectors are ideal for more hostile environments such as conservatories or garages. The use of a PIR and Microwave technology in one means that false alarms are reduced and the detector can maintain intruder catch performance even when the environment experiences changes in temperature. That, coupled with the KX10DPs pet immunity makes this detector ideal for applications where pets are free to roam the property.


  • Dual Technology detector
  • 10m range pet immune detector
  • Ideal for conservatories or rooms with large expanses of glass
  • Supplied in different frequency bands to eliminate microwave cross talk
  • Complies with EN50131-1
  • Tamper proof brackets included


  • Certified to EN50131-2-2:2008, EN50131-1:2006+A1:2009, PD6662:2010
  • Maximum range 10m
  • With Volumetric coverage
  • Dual technology
  • Pet immune to 24Kg
  • Detection speed 0.3- 3.0m/s
  • Coverage angle 85 degrees
  • Detection zones 58

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