Infinite Prime Wireless Intruder/Burglar Alarm Spares




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Type de produit: Intruder Spares

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A range of accessories compatible with the Infinite Prime wireless intruder alarm systems.

Wireless Siren - ELTRIBELLWB

  • Battery operated, wireless triangular wall-mounted siren
  • Offers easy and flexible solution for quick install
  • Two-way wireless siren
  • Complete with a TX module
  • Fully supervised
  • 105dBA piezo sound output with adjustable volume

Please download and check the installation instruction before purchasing this item

EL-4262 TX Module

Multi-function Remote Keypad - ELRKP

  • Includes a numeric keypad
  • Remote control of 16 home automation devices
  • One-touch Full/Part/Perimeter arm
  • Panic alarm function
  • 9V alkaline battery powered, battery included
  • Battery status LED indication
  • Built in buzzer
  • Built-in tamper switch

Wireless 2-Way Door Contact - ELMAGNEW

  • Power 3.6 V ½ AA lithium battery
  • Small size: 65x30x16mm
  • Front and back tamper options
  • Additional input terminal


  • Power 2 x 3.6V Lithium Battery
  • Pet immunity up to 36kg
  • 12m range

Multi-Function Keyfob - ELKFC

  • Buttons/Functions: 4 Buttons– Full, part & perimeter arm, disarm, panic alarm generation
  • LED transmission indication
  • Frequency: 868Mhz or 433Mhz
  • Power 3V long-life battery CR123

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