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Dahua Wizsense Thermal Network Hybrid Eyeball Camera DHI-TPC-DF1241-TB2F2-DW-S2

by Dahua
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Featuring dual lens, fixed camera, this series provides an all-in-one solution for capturing video surveillance for indoor and outdoor applications. Together with Thermal and Visible Technology, the camera is the perfect solution for dark, small area monitoring applications. The series combines one thermal camera for monitoring in total darkness and one visible camera with Smart IR for confirming details.

Dahua thermal cameras use uncooled VOx sensor technology. The detector is small-sized, and highly sensitive allowing the camera to reveal images in greater detail, giving you more visual information on a monitored site. It also improves the accuracy of temperature measurements, ensuring that even minute temperature changes are detected.

With its extended detection range, the camera can detect fires that are in locations distant to it. It is also highly sensitive to temperature changes, allowing the accuracy of its fire detection to be higher than cameras that work in the visible light ran

Key Features

  • Uncooled VOx thermal sensor technology
  • Athermalized lens (thermal camera), focus-free
  • 1/2.7'' 4Megapixel progressive scan CMOS
  • Support ROI, motion detection, color palettes
  • Smoking and call behaviour detection
  • Support fire detection and alarm
  • Built-in 1/1 alarm in/out
  • Micro SD memory, IP67, PoE
  • Smart linkage with strobe light and audio
  • Temperature measurement
  • Dual image fusion (visible and thermal imag