Optimaxx C288-742 1200 Pack Assorted M4

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Optimaxx C288-742 1200 Pack Assorted M4 & M5 Wood Screws & Midi Storage Case Set

Optimaxx is a top quality high-performance wood screw that incorporates a number of unque features.

A specifically positioned long thin groove dramatically reduces the pressure build up on insertion by dispencing wood fibres, preventing splitting when screwing close to the edge. Finally, a sharp saw-tooth formation cut out of the bottom threads bite into the timber reducing torque and resistance, enabling fast penetration without a pilot hole.

Sizes include 4.0 x 25mm QTY 200, 4.0 x 30 QTY 200, 4.0 x 35mm QTY 200, 4.0 x 40mm QTY 200, 4.0 x 50mm QTY 200, 5.0 x 70mm QTY 200.

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