Pyronix 15m Quad PIR For Wired Alarm Systems

Pyronix 15m Quad PIR For Wired Alarm Systems




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Pyronix KX15DQ 15m Digital Quad Blue Wave Technology PIR Detector


15m Digital quad detector with on-board selectable resistor values of 5K6, 4K7, 2K2 and 1K, catering for most control panels on the market. Completely eliminating the need for separate resistors - keeping installation time to a minimum.


  • Dual element pyro-electric sensor
  • Selectable EOL (End Of Line) resistors
  • Blue wave technology
  • Auto sensitivity feature
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Tamper proof brackets included
  • Sealed optics
  • ABS plastics
  • Tested and Certified to EN50131-2-2



  • Operating voltage: 9-16VDC (12V nominal)
  • Current consumption - no alarm: 12mA (12V nominal)
  • Current consumption - alarm: 11mA (12V nominal)
  • Relay: Solid state
  • Relay output: 60VDC, 50mA Protected
  • Tamper switch: 12V max, 50mA max
  • RFI immunity to continuous wave (CW) 80-2000MHz: 75 V/m
  • RFI immunity to amplitude modulation (AM) 80-2000MHz: 25 V/m
  • RFI immunity to pulse modulation (PM) 80-2000MHz: 25 V/m
  • Alarm period of: 2.5 seconds
  • Detection speed: 0.3 - 3m/s
  • Operating temperature: -30
  • Storage temperature: -40
  • White light filter: 6500 Lux
  • Optics: Sealed
  • Lens: 3 Dimensional
  • Protection: Ultraviolet Light Filter
  • Optimum coverage height: 1.8-2.4m

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