Keyguard emergency access key box green

Keyguard emergency access key box green




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Keyguard is a unique plastic emergency key box into which a clear non hazardous plastic window is fitted. Designed to retain a key or access control card the Keyguard is a modern and safe alternative to the traditional break glass key box.
A recess enables quick removal of the plastic window in an emergency to retrieve the key. The window is designed in such a way that it cannot be refitted after removal.
Three different models are available red or green in colour.
The Keyguard K1000G and K1000R are the standard version with no alarm or switch.
The Keyguard K1010G and K1010R have an integral audible alarm powered from a PP3 Alkaline battery (supplied). If any attempt is made to remove the plastic window then the alarm is sounded. The alarm can only be silenced by fitting a new window.(K1030GR)
The Keyguard K1020G and K1020R are fitted with a single pole changeover contact microswitch. This switch is terminated and is voltage free for connection to users own equipment. The contacts are rated at 10A 240vac. They should only be used at low voltage, the case of the Keyguard is not designed to enclose mains voltages.

  • Internal Dimensions - 11mm D x 97mm L x 58mm H
  • External Dimensions - 45m mD x 142m mL x 12mm H
  • Stores Both Keys and Cards
  • Can be wired into existing Alarm Systems
  • Integral Electronic Alarm 90db K1010 only
  • Snatch off plastic windows available Code: K1030GR
  • Plastic Window makes the Keyguard the ideal choice for Food Preparation areas, Schools and Swimming Pools
  • No shards of glass or sharp edges that could cause injury
  • Widely used by fire exit doors, in computer rooms, for master key storage and other situations where a key or card needs to be kept safe and secure
  • Three different models are available Red or Green in colour

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