Long Life Lithium Battery U9VL-J-P 1200 mAh




Product type: Other

Vendor: Ultralife



The Ultralife U9VL 9 volt lithium battery is a standard 9 volt battery units, which holds about 5 times longer than standard 9-Volt alkaline batteries and 10 times longer than carbon-zinc batteries.

With up to 10 years life expectancy in the ionisation Ultralife. 9 volt battery of choice for smoke detectors, burglar alarms and other devices that are designed for use by up to 10 years These batteries are also ideal for all 9 volt applications, such as medical devices, wireless alarm and security systems, music, audio, and industrial products, smoke detectors (for almost all commercially available smoke detectors likely see more detailed information to the user guide of smoke detector), and many other devices.

The advantages of lithium batteries compared to other primary cells lie in the higher energy density, high cell voltage and longer shelf life due to low self-discharge.

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