Smoke Sabre Test Smoke

Smoke Sabre Test Smoke




Collections: Detector Programming And Test Equipment

Product type: Test Smoke

Vendor: No Climb

Tags: can, fire, smoke, test



Smoke Sabre is a functional aerosol smoke check for testing smoke detectors quickly and cost effectively at a flick-of-the-wrist. Low cost, simple, and fun to use, it is a revolutionary tester that eliminates the risk of harmful residue.


  • Retractable "Sabre" ensuring testing is done comfortably from an appropriate distance
  • Overcomes issues with other handheld smoke dispensers leaving harmful residue due to testing too close to detector
  • Air drawn through holes in "Sabre" vaporising the particles making them more like genuine smoke
  • Overall more efficient meaning more tests per can


Smoke Sabre Datasheet

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