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Emergency Lighting Bulkheads & Systems

A complete range of emergency lighting units, maintained and non-maintained.

Emergency lighting is lighting for emergency situations through failure of the main power supply as a result of a fire or a power cut and the normal lighting supplies fail. Sudden darkness is a great danger to the occupants of a building, either through physical danger or panic.

Emergency lighting is required to operate fully automatically on failure of the mains supply. It should provide illumination of a level high enough to enable a proper and orderly evacuation. Most new buildings now have emergency lighting installed during construction; the design and type of equipment being specified by the architect in accordance with current Building Regulations and any local authority requirements.

Bulkhead style emergencty lights come in 2 basic types, maintained and non-maintained.  There is often confusion over what this actually means.

Maintained - The light is constantly on regardless. Powered by the normal mains supply, it will remain on in the event of a powercut operated via its internal battery.

Non-Maintained - The light is off in normal operation, and comes on when the power supply is interrupted, staying on through its internal battery.

Some units can also be switched internally between the two modes.