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Duracell Industrial 1.5V, AA Size Batteries (Box 10)

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Duracell Industrial 1.5V, AA size batteries in a box of 10 pieces.

These AA batteries have an energy density that allows them to provide power for up to 10 times longer than conventional alkaline cells. If that wasnt enough, theyre also much less likely to self discharge, letting you store them for up to 7 years and still count on ready and reliable power when you need them. These single-use batteries are a great choice for all your radios, RF controllers, RC toys, calculators, Smoke Detectors and other devices that need long-lasting power.


  • High-performance power
  • Delivering long-lasting power across a range of professional applications
  • Capable of operating in temperatures from -20°C to 54°C
  • Reliable performance, even after seven years of storage
  • Bulk battery for use in torches, smoke alarms and medical devices


  • Nominal voltage 1.5V
  • Impendance 120 m-ohm @ 1kHz
  • Typical single unit weight 24g
  • Storage temperature range 5°C-30°C
  • Operating temperature range -20°C to 54°C