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Ajax Systems Keypad NON-PD 8706

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An alarm keypad is a control panel designed to transmit information about the operation of devices connected to the system and to arm/disarm an object. Keyboards are often capable of alerting people to security breaches and alarms.

Security keypads are wired, wireless, interface and relay, liquid crystal and LED. There are also touch keyboards and virtual keyboards that are installed in a mobile phones.

Keypads for disarming and arming rooms differ in their capabilities, methods of transmitting an alarm signal, and the type of connection to the security system central. The choice of the security control panel is influenced by the frequency with which the device will be used, the type of object where the keyboard is installed, the purpose of installing the device, etc.

Wired touch keyboard to control the Ajax security system, KeyPad Fibra is designed for indoor installation. The keyboard works with the Hub Hybrid control panel. Connection to other control panels, integration modules, radio signal repeaters is not provided. Integration with third-party security systems is not provided.