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Ajax Systems Multi Transmitter 2/3 EOL PD 44951

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The MultiTransmitter has 18 wired Zones for connecting Devices and Tampers that support 4 types of contacts: NO, NC (without a resistor), EOL (NC with a resistor), EOL (NO with a resistor). Besides 18 Zones, the Module has Three 12V Power outputs: 2 main and 1 separate for Fire Detectors.

Advanced security systems require the use of modern communication devices to perform complex tasks and provide the user with a high level of protection. If the alarm system is outdated, it needs to be updated. It is unnecessary to replace all alarm devices and change many wires completely. Several Ajax devices can be added to the security system, transforming the old system into a new generation of burglar alarms, convenient control from the user’s mobile phone, and advanced security technologies.

The Ajax MultiTransmitter integration module, which operates at 868.0-868.6 MHz and has 18 alarm zones, is used to add third-party wired sensors to the Ajax wireless control panel.

The radio integration module interacts with the intelligent control panel in an open area without obstacles at a distance of up to 2000 meters and indoors – between several floors. The broadcast signal is protected by encryption for the secure transmission of information. To check the operability of the transmitter, the control panel conducts a poll of the device every 12-300 seconds. The frequency is adjusted by the user individually.