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EDA-Q620 Battery For Electro-Detector Millennium Sounder & Actuator Units

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The range of Electo-Detectors batteries are for use in the range of wireless fire alarm systems, including Zerio Plus, Zerio, and Millenium.

The EDA-Q620 is the main battery for the Millenium wall sounder units.

Each wall mounted sounder requires 1 main EDA-620 lithium battery assembly and 1 standby battery EDA-630 assembly.


The EDA-Q620 is suitable for use in the following Electro-Detectors devices.

  • EDA-A2000 - Zerio Wall Mounted Sounder
  • EDA-A200 - Millennium Wall Mounted Sounder
  • EDA-A205 - Millennium Wall Mounted Sounder
  • EDA-A250 - Millennium Wall Mounted Actuator with Transistor Switch
  • EDA-A270 - Millennium Wall Mounted Staff Alert Sounder with Visual Indicator
  • EDA-A280 - Millennium Wall Mounted Actuator with NO/NC Contacts
  • EDA-A2000 - Zerio Radio Wall Mounted Sounder
  • EDA-A2050 - Zerio Radio Actuator / Output Interface Unit
  • EDA-A2080 - Zerio Radio Clean Contact Output and Door Release Unit
  • EDA-A2060 - Zerio Radio Strobe Unit