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EDA Q660 High Power Battery For Zerio Plus Wireless Devices

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EDA Zerio Q660 battery pack for use only in Zerio Plus wireless fire alarm devices.

Each pack is designed for specific devices, this unit is for detectors, call points and wall sounders.


  • Each combined detector sounder requires 2 battery packs
  • Each manual call point unit such as the EDA-C5000 requires 1 pack

The EDA Q660 battery pack is for use in the following Electro-Detectors devices

  • EDA-R5000 Electro Detectors Zerio Plus Optical Smoke Detector
  • EDA-D5000 Electro Detectors Zerio Plus Heat Detector
  • EDA-J300 Millenium Ionisation Smoke Detector
  • EDA-R300 Millenium Optical Smoke Detector
  • EDA-D300 Millenium Rate of Rise Heat Detector
  • EDA-S300 Millenium Fixed Point Heat Detector
  • EDA-J500 Millenium Analogue Ionisation Smoke Detector
  • EDA-R500 Millenium Analogue Optical Smoke Detector
  • EDA-S500 Millenium Analogue Heat Detector
  • EDA-R1000 Zerio Optical Smoke Detector
  • EDA-D1000 - Zerio Heat Detector


  • 2 AA size lithium batteries
  • Voltage 3.6v each battery
  • Weight per pair 35g
  • Warranty 12 months