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Electro Detectors Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System

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The Zerio Plus is one of the most popular wireless fire alarm systems on the market today. Electro Detectors have established themselves as a major UK based manufactures of a whole range of wirless fire alarm equipment.

The Z1000 is a fully EN54 approved panel that is available in 8,20 and100 zone versions, with the 8 zone version capable of supporting 99 addressable devices. It is a compact radio fire alarm system designed for use in any many commercial or residential premises, and especially suitable for use in listed buildings where the fabric of the property cannot be touched.

Installation is relatively straightforward as once the panel is installed the devices can configured via the control panel and to and to commission the system. Automatic set-up and learn modes simplify configuration decisions, reducing the possibility of errors. Complex cause and effects can be programmed into the panel using the front keypad or by connecting a standard USB keyboard. Alternatively by programming a USB memory fob with a PC and then downloading the information into the panel. Internal configuration and operating data can be downloaded on to the same memory fob and then analysed on a PC. Configuration is also stored on a removable memory card for backup.

The panel is capable of warning of any devices approaching their pre-programmed alarm condition and should any of the devices gradually become contaminated, a warning condition is generated.

The range of the main panel can be extended through the addition of a radio booster or a wired transceiver, and up to 7 boosters and 7 wired transceivers can be added to the system.

Please note that this is subject to confirmation of delivery time as it is a 'to-order' item.  


  • EN54 Certified
  • 240 Fully Addressable Devices
  • Sophisticated Cause and Effects
  • In-built HMO options
  • Plugable Memory Module for Back-up
  • USB Keyboard to program
  • Configuration Reporting via USB Memory Stick
  • Intuitive Menu Structure
  • 5 Access Levels
  • Compatible with full range of Zerio Plus Devices
  • Simple to Set-up