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Gerda Standard Premises Document Information Box (PIB)

by Gerda
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The Gerda Standard Premises Document Information Box (PIB) offers fast access to building plans and additional information for the Fire and Rescue Service. Suitable for use in a variety of sectors, this box is designed for internal or sheltered external locations, providing enhanced security for high rise residential buildings. OS0003-6C5 PIB is a trusted standard grade solution.

OS0008-5C4 Inside all Premises Information Boxes must be an Emergency Response Pack (ERP) which includes important building plans and information in A3 format to be used by the Fire and Rescue Service as referenced in Approved Document B June 2022 amendments and Fire Safety (England) 2022 Regulation 6.

Gerda Security Products are leaders in the provision of premises plans and information in the operational format required for firefighter use. We offer an efficient professional ERP Service which is FIA / NFCC Code of Practice compliant.

  • The Premises Information Box is constructed from steel
  • The hinges are positioned internally to mitigate vandalism
  • Powder coated to RAL 3002 (Carmine Red)
  • Guaranteed against corrosion
  • Offers weather proofing
  • The door handle is attached to the right side of the door and is positioned centrally
  • The unique shape of the Gerda 3d dimensional key® is trademarked.
  • The key is protected against unauthorised copying and forms part of a registered key
  • The unique key system is designed so PIBs, EACIE Enclosures and other restricted access systems may be opened by the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) while building owners /managers have their own secure access for each of their systems
  • The location of the key and it’s turning direction is indicated by a metal escutcheon to the right hand side of the HSS PIB®, with a protective cover
  • Metal signage is affixed with 4 security rivets; designed for longevity and fast identification