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HAES Esento Excel 4 Zone Conventional or Twin Wire Fire Alarm Panel

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HAES Esento Excel, 4 zone Esento Excel fire alarm control panel, extendable to 12 zones.. Excel panels provide the ultimate in flexibility, simplicity & reliability with a generous selection of programmable features, inputs and outputs. Fully networkable up to 8 control panels, 3 false alarm management modes, Twin Wire mode per zone and fully functional repeater panels

With an array of engineering options including Twin Wire setting by DIL switch, programmable zones & outputs, false alarm management mode, non latching zones and class change input the Eclipse is the most dynamic entry level fire panel on the market today. The display uses super bright, clearly labelled LED indicators and the colour coded buttons give the end user the confidence to correctly manage their fire alarm system.

Twin Wire mode saves up to 40% in installation costs by allowing audio visual devices to be connected to the same pair of cables as the detectors & call points. Twin Wire mode requires ‘Sav-Wire’ detector bases & call points.


  • 4 zones
  • Zonal Twin Wire selection by DIL switch
  • Network up to 8 control panels
  • Activate controls via key switch or code entry
  • Integral detector removal monitoring
  • 3 Amp switch mode power supply Nom 27V DC
  • 2 monitored sounder outputs
  • 2 Aux C/O relays (1 x Fire) (1 x Fault). voltage free
  • Class change I/P
  • Alert I/P
  • Fire & fault switched -ve outputs
  • Program delays to outputs
  • False alarm modes A, B & C
  • Test mode, with or without sounders
  • Disable zones, sounder O/Ps, aux O/Ps & delays
  • Alarm load, 2.4A shared between all sounder outputs
  • All sounder circuits are fused @ 500mA with resettable fuses