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Linian Fire Clip - 1LCW608-6 - 8mm White Clip - Bag of 10

by Linian
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Linian Fire Clip - 1LCW608-6 - 8mm White Clip - Bag of 10. Perfected through years of development, this exceptional innovation looks simple – and it is. Expertly designed to save time, money and lives, this remarkable evolution of a vital building component can help you make every job faster, safer, simpler and tidier!

Key Features

  • Round cables and PVC trunking
  • For single and double cables
  • Anchor fixings for wire etc
  • 18th Edition Compliant
  • Corrosion Resistant & UV Stable
  • Fire-resistant >1200°C
  • BSEN 50200 120 minutes fire time
  • DIN 4102-12 DIN 90 minutes fire time
  • CE & CA Certified
  • Single-component design
  • No plugs, screws or washers needed
  • Made in Britain

The fastest fire-rated cable clip to install, and three times faster to install than traditional methods, these require less drilling and zero screwing.

To install, drill a 5.5mm diameter hole, slide the fire clip over the cable so it is seated in the rounded area, compress the clip together, and then simply insert into the hole by hand. And because each clip features several ‘teeth’ for advanced grip, the clip and cable are securely held in place no matter what happens.

It’s recommended these are installed every 300mm along a cable and is suitable for brick, concrete, masonry, blockwork, stone, wood and plasterboard.