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Sigma Smart+Shield Door Alarm Vertical Panic Bolt SG 960-955

by Sigma
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The SMART+SHIELD offers a simple cost effective solution to the mis-use of emergency exit doors. Adopting the universally recognised “no entry” sign, the SMART+SHIELD is a visually effective deterrent which is supported by an acoustic security alarm of 95 dB.

The SMART+SHIELD has been designed specifically to secure emergency exit doors. It is completely self-contained and is easily installed and protecting emergency exit doors in seconds.

Designed to monitor the use of emergency exits and windows, the SMART+SHIELD standard model can be installed flush with or onto the door frame itself.

The SMART+SHIELD is also available for application with panic bars, push bars and multipoint locking systems. Whilst most of the features are identical for each of these applications, the SMART+SHIELD for panic bars and push bars have an integrated pre-alarm. Ultimately, in the event of an emergency, means of escape can also be obtained by exiting via the emergency exit door.

Kit Includes

  • Smart+Shield alarm with battery
  • 7 x wall screws, 2x case screws
  • 2 x Reset Key
  • Fluorescent STOP Sticker
  • Installation Guide
  • 1 x Trigger Angle for Panic Bars
  • 2 x Red plastic Spacer Plates


  • Battery or mains powered
  • Automatic alarm switch-off (after 30 sec. or 180 sec.)
  • Two different audible levels (75 dBs/ 95 dBs)
  • A solution for all general types of emergency exit doors
  • Delayed alarm to ensure that emergency exit doors do not stay open
  • Silent alarm in combination with a central alarm system
  • Connections are provided to allow connection to remote systems
  • Visually effective deterrent


Model SG 960-960

A model suitable for use on all emergency doors. This model of the Smart+Shield can be installed in the door frame either flush with the door or on the door itself, as well as externally from the door via the optional extension cable reed contacts. When the armed door is opened the alarm siren will sound, until it is reset using  either the integrated key switch or by the auto-silence timer.

Sigma Smart+Shield

Model SG 960-950 / Model SG960-955 (for push bars)

The Smart Shield can also secure a door with a vertical panic bolt. Smart Shield for Sigma Smart ShieldSigma Smart Shieldmultipoint locks is designed to effortlessly secure emergency exit doors with vertical panic bolts, mounted above the vertical rim type rod. By fitting a security device on the vertical panic bolt the Smart Shield creates a strong visual link with the door hardware. This increases the effectiveness as a deterrent. Once the door or window is opened, an alarm is triggered which can be reset by the key switch.

Model SG 960-961

Sigma Smart ShieldA model suitable for doors fitted with vertical panic boltsSigma Smart Shield. Smart Shield for both panic and push bars is mounted centrally on the door and with it’s pre-alarm it acts as a strong deterrent. The red trigger angle of the Smart Shield secures the panic or push bar and should this be pressed with minimal force, a pre-alarm is triggered, which is silenced when released. If pressed fully so that the door opens, the main alarm is triggered, the pins of the patented red upper plate break and the red trigger angle falls down. By turning the integrated key lock switch clockwise the alarm is reset.


Sigma Smart Shield